Some Bright Spots in the Paycheck Protection Program

Can the PPP be used for good?

Fraud, corporate welfare, and support of capitalism constitute the majority of the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP). But maybe some good can come out of it.

Housing Cooperatives

Can housing cooperatives get the money? It looks like the answer is yes for the updated version of the authorizing legislation passed in December 2020. Housing cooperatives may want to look into getting their fair share.

Groups working to build and support affordable housing

In the database you’ll find that the Housing Development Corporation Mid-Atlantic received a loan. The organization has a missing to develop affordable housing. Maybe that PPP money will go toward meeting basic needs?

Non-profits meeting community needs

Surely there are democratically run organizations that received some of PPP funds, even if they were a small minority. Maybe the new handouts could be given to more of these kinds of organizations.